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2019 (upcoming)     “Design as Interface: Case of Rwandan Development Architecture” in All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture ed. by Farhana Ferdous and Bryan Bell. Co-authored with James Setzler.


2018      “The Darker Side of Engagement” in The Routledge Handbook of Architecture and Social Engagement. ed. by Farhan Karim and Farhana Ferdous (Routledge).

2018      「トイレから考える国際開発協力」Lixil Business


2016      “Fukushima Dark Tourism” in Planning for Community-Based Disaster Resilience Worldwide: Learning from Case Studies in Six Continents, ed. by Adenrele Awotona (Routledge).

2015     "'Who, then, has commissioned us?' A Question for Designers in Development," ARCHIVE Global.

2014      “Looking Like Developed: Aesthetics and Ethics in Rwandan Housing Projects,” Journal of Architectural Education 68:2 Building Modern Africa

2014      “Northern Designers in Africa: A Political Diary of Building a House in Rwanda” in Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture: Globalizing Architecture, conference proceedings, Miami, FL.

2014      "Tillers of the horizon: Projecting public spaces by women in post-conflict Rwanda" The Deborah J. Norden Fund Essay.

2014      SLUM Lab, the Africa Issue, “On Membership.” ETH Zurich. Ed. by Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner. Guest editors Alexis Kalagas and Scott Lloyd.

2014      Food Studies, “Thick Food – Food Systems in Reconstruction: Beyond the Regional Planning that Created Fukushima,” Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, 19-32.


2014     “Architecture After Fukushima: Spaces of Bara Bara, Spaces of Reciprocity” in Monstrous Geographies: Places and Spaces of the Monstrous. ID Press, Oxfordshire, UK.

Ed. by Sarah Montin and Evelyn Tsitas.

2014      “Home Experiments: EarthBag Construction as Teaching Tool in Rwanda,” American Society for Engineering Education, 121st Annual Conference. Paper accepted. Not delivered.

2013      Spaces of Everyday Rwanda: The Rwanda Picture Project, (NY: Standing Stone Books).

2010      People Meet in Architecture: Biennale Architettura 2010/ La Biennale di Venezia/ Participating Countries/ Collateral Events, Albania, “Tirana Local: Albanian Cultural Delivery Service on Rails.” Ed. by Kazuyo Sejima. With GAC.

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