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October 2017     That Day Now

About 20 lectures, conferences, workshops and exhibitions with Keiko Ogura, survivor of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. With Syracuse University partners, the Canary Project, Everson Museum, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Japan Foundation. At Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA. Organized by Yutaka Sho and the Canary Project.


August 2015      The Rwanda Conversations

Goethe Institut in Kigali and Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Science in Huye, Rwanda. The Kigali Cnversation questioned Rwandan architectural projects funded by NGOs and ODA. The Huye Conversation brought together former genocide offenders and the survivors who build houses for each other as part of reconciliation. Organized by Yutaka Sho, Dr. Kazuyuki Sasaki, Tyler Survant and Rwandan architecture students. Music contribution by Ama G the Black. Video Contribution by Alex MacInnis. Funded by Goethe Institut, PIASS and Syracuse University School of Architecture.

PIASS Converstion in Huye

2014      Where I’m From

Video by Alex MacInnis, based on Rwanda Picture Project by Yutaka Sho and published in Spaces of Everyday Rwanda: The Rwanda Picture Project by Standing Stone Books.

"Spaces of Everyday Rwanda captures the collective emotional experience of a number of first-generation Rwandan architecture students who are engaged in a collaborative project to reshape their environment and rebuild their war-torn country. Their words and pictures invite us to share in their everyday lives, and in the process, introduces us to new ways of looking and thinking, and a deeper understanding of what it is to be a citizen of the world."         

- Standing Stone Books

2016      Birancyanga

Video by Alex MacInnis, music and lyrics by Ama G the Black. Co-produced by the artist and Yutaka Sho. Birancyanga, which means "confusing" in the Rwandan language, expresses the conundrum of the high-rise building rush in downtown on one hand and the lack of affordable housing in the country side on the other. For the 2018 version by the artist, see here.

2011      Perpetual Peace Project

Four-day symposium, conversation, video workshop and exhibition on what Kant’s secret paper, Perpetual Peace, means in Rwanda. Took place at Kigali Institute of Technology Faculty of Architecture, Kigali, Rwanda. Organized by Yutaka Sho. With Rwandan architecture students. Conceived and funded by Aaron Levy, the Slought Foundation.


2012      StitchWorks

14 artists designed fabric patterns to fundraise for self-build homes in Rwanda. Shown here designs by Mat Brinkman, Marie Lorenz, Melissa Brown and Leif Goldburg. Nick-knacks with these prints (mugcups, phone covers, etc.) are for sale from Society6. Organized by Yutaka Sho and Jungil Hong

Mat Fat Brinkman repeated sm.jpg
maire darker REPEATED sm.jpg
melissa REPEATED sm.jpg
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