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My research and critique focuses on roles of architecture in the international development industry and post-conflict reconciliation. My research sites are Rwanda after the 1994 genocide, the Tohoku region in Japan after the 2011 earthquake, and Hiroshima after the 1945 atomic bombing. I am a partner at General Architecture Collaborative (GAC), a non-profit design and advocacy firm that works with neighborhoods, municipal, academic and industry partners, and an associate professor of architecture at Syracuse University in New York, USA. I have worked on projects in various countries including Lebanon, Bangladesh, Turkey, Spain and Uganda. In Rwanda, GAC constructed self-build homes while training the end users in construction skills, and in 2018, GAC completed seven new buildings at Masoro Health Center with a support from Kate Spade New York, Kate Spade's Masoro Training Center, and Jabana Preschool Playground with a support from ChildFund Rwanda.

戦闘後や震災後の復興、また貧困地域における国際開発業界指導の中での建築の役割を研究・批評する。特に1994年虐殺後のルワンダ、2011年東日本大震災後の東北、1945年原爆投下後の広島を研究。2008年非営利建築事務所General Architecture Collaborative 設立、代表。同年よりNY州セラキュース大学建築院勤務、現在准教授。レバノン、バングラデシュ、トルコ、スペイン、ウガンダなどでの作品に取り組む。GACはルワンダ・マソロ村の人々と低価格住宅の建設に取り組む。GAC の主な作品にマソロとジャバナの家、マソロ・ヘルス・センター、ケート・スペード・ニューヨークのマソロ村工場、ジャバナ幼稚園校庭などがある。

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Education 教育


Harvard University Graduate School of Design  

ハーバード大学デザイン大学院 建築修士取得


Rhode Island School of Design Landscape Architecture 




The Humanities Center Grant, Syracuse University, "That Day Now: A Series of Events with Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivor Keiko Ogura"



Great Places Award, The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) “Masoro Village Project” to GAC

GACに送られたEDRAグレート・プレース賞  「マソロ村プロジェクト」


New York Center for Architecture: The American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter and the Center for Architecture Foundation

“Sustainable Housing in Rwanda”

アーノルド・ブルーナー基金  「ルワンダのサステイナブルな住居」


Deborah J. Norden Fund, Architectural League of New York, "Tillers of the Horizon: Projecting Public Spaces by Women in Post-Conflict Rwanda"

デボラ・J・ノーデン基金  「地平線の開拓者:虐殺後のルワンダで女性がつくるパブリックスペース」

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